Welfare Activities

Welfare Activities

Transport of Death Body

Scholar for foreigner Child

Reach Out Programs

The Embassy has undertaken a number of programs in order to reach out to the expatriate workers.

The Embassy has been transformed into truly peoples Embassy. The approach has been shifted from administering to serving people. It has adopted an open door policy allowing every expatriate Bangladesh national’s, irrespective of profession and job status, direct access to concerned officials and diplomatic officials.

A ‘Help Desk’ has been set up with Embassy officials providing all necessary assistance and advice to the visitors.

The services in the Embassy have been made transparent and user friendly. Notices and fliers are placed for distribution at the entrance. This document gives complete information on schedules, procedure, terms and conditions, fees and other requirements for each one of the services.

A monthly open house is held for listening to problems faced by expatriates and to address them, exchanging views on general welfare. The open houses feature a free Friday clinic for providing primary medical check-up and free medicines. Regular visits are also paid to Bangladeshi patients in Salmania Hospital.

The Ambassador and officers pay visit to Labour Camps, industries and localities to enquire about the well-being of the Bangladesh nationals. On the occasion of the Bangla New Year, the Ambassador visited Manama, Muharraq, East Riffa, Hamad Town to exchange greetings. Officers of the Embassy and leaders of Bangladesh Forum accompanied him.

Free Friday Clinic

Code of Conduct for Expatriates


Health Advisory


Advice on Home Investment

Advice on Remittance